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The given currency values used by OERVIND are calculated from the "Daily Spot" rates provided by the European Central Bank (ECB). OERVIND Currency Systems accepts these as valid rates in the world market place for those currencies accessible to users of OERVIND.

OERVIND makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding these rates, in the calculations used herein. These values and the dates they are entered into the OERVIND system are believed to be reliable as to their accuracy and completeness.

OERVIND employs a 4.5% adjustment to the exchange rate in the Billing Computation to compensate the merchant for the difference between the International "Spot



Rates" which are programmed into our software, and the retail rate the merchant will receive from their bank when they exchange these currencies to their Base Currency. To not make such an adjustment would be monetarily unfair to the merchant.

The 4.5% adjustment produces the same result for the purchaser if they had exchanged their native currency to the Base Currency of the merchant at a bank before making any purchase. OERVIND simply eliminates this inconvenient visit to the bank.

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